Press Clips from 2022

February 18, 2022

Communications of the ACM

Technical Perspective: Neural Radiance Fields Explode on the Scene

Imagine you could capture a 3D scene and later revisit that scene from different viewpoints, perhaps seeing the action as it unfolded at capture time. We are accustomed to snapping 2D photographs or videos, which are then compactly stored on our phones or in the cloud. In contrast, the corresponding process for 3D capture is quite cumbersome. Traditionally, it involves taking lots of images of the scene, applying photogrammetry techniques to reconstruct a dense surface reconstruction, and then cleaning up manually. Full Story

February 18, 2022


A New Trick Lets Artificial Intelligence See in 3D

THE CURRENT WAVE of artificial intelligence can be traced back to 2012, and an academic contest that measured how well algorithms could recognize objects in photographs. That year, researchers found that feeding thousands of images into an algorithm inspired loosely by the way neurons in a brain respond to input produced a huge leap in accuracy. The breakthrough sparked an explosion in academic research and commercial activity that is transforming some companies and industries. Now a new trick, which involves training the same kind of AI algorithm to turn 2D images into a rich 3D Full Story